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Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition includes:
-Battlefield 1
-Battlefield 1 Premium Pass
-4 Extension Packs

Buying the Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition will give players access to new maps thanks to the Premium Trials.
Players that don’t own a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will get a way to play maps that they don’t usually access to by using the Premium Trials. But, this feature differs from the Premium Friends feature, as you don’t have to join a squad with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owner to play a map, you will get access to no matter what, you just need to login into the game.
Players can expect the Premium Trials to start this month with the launch of Prise de Tahure, the exciting night map for Battlefield 1 that will feature trench-based combat.
Players that do not own a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass can use the Premium Trials feature to play this new map and all the other new maps from the They Shall Not Pass map expansion pack.
There is a Premium Trials event coming before Gamescom, and another one will come after the first one. Players can use the Premium Trials to play on all the maps from the previously released expansion packs.
The latest expansion that is coming in September, called Battlefield 1 In The Name of the Tsar, and it is bringing six new maps, new weapons, new vehicles, the Russian Army, and lots of new features. Players will get a new map in August called Lupkow Pass, which will give us an insight into what this expansion pack will bring.
Battlefield 1 is also getting added to The Vault of EA Access and Origin Access.


  • REVAMPED CLASSES – Choose one of six classes and be sure to plan accordingly with your teammates. The classes have been completely redone to give a more honest feel to the game. Choose whether you want to engage in a vehicle as a Pilot or a Tanker or whether you want to heal your fellow troops as a Medic. Battlefield 1 also offers classic options like the Assault Class, Scout Class, and Support Class.
  • COMPLETELY NEW MAPS – As the title suggests, one of the most important aspects of the game is the battlefield! In this release, new maps have been included that recreate historic settings from World War I. Different skills will be required for different maps, and you must master it all whether you fight on the Western Front, the Alps or in Arabia.
  • WEAPONS SPECIFIC TO WORLD WAR I – Battlefield 1 offers incredible attention to detail and weapons are no different. Choose a bolt-action rifle, a Russian 1895 sniper, or a Lewis Machine Gun into the trenches. The melee system has been completely redesigned as well offering players the option of fighting with shovels, sabres and trench clubs. If you run out of ammo, all is not lost – learn how to win in hand-to-hand combat!

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