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The realm of Final Fantasy has existed for decades, and each journey into it gives you a fresh experience that allows you to venture into deep worlds, meet amazing characters, and be a part of battles that decide the fate of the world or universe. But now, you can be a part of an even bigger Final Fantasy World than ever before. One that has you be a part of a world filled with other players, one where you can be who you want, what you want, and then save the world how you want…if you want to. That is the world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Whether you want to be a hero for the ages, or just a simple worker who likes to get jobs done for others, the choice is yours. You can pick your job from across a number of classic Final Fantasy tropes, and learn the skills necessary in the harsh world of Eorzea.

What’s the Eorzea? It’s an all-new world that the game is set in, one that has been blessed by the gods, but in doing so, have made it a target of others, specifically the Galrean Empire, who is determined to wipe the land out. You are one of the heroes who has been awakened to save the day. Can you do it? You’re about to find out.


  • All the hallmarks of the FINAL FANTASY franchise, including an engaging storyline, genre-leading graphics, and HD real time cut scenes
  • Robust gameplay features such as player-run Free Companies, story-driven player-vs.-player content, and a unique summoning system, all designed to accommodate a dynamic player community
  • Incredible new graphics engine that delivers a high level of detail and quality on the Windows PC, PlayStation®3, and PlayStation®4 platforms
  • A flexible class system that allows players to change to any of the eighteen different classes on the fly, simply by swapping their equipped weapon or tool
  • Breathtaking musical score by renowned FINAL FANTASY series composers
  • Cross-platform play on Windows PC and PlayStation®3

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