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When it first arrived, the original Star Wars Battlefront was a revelation. It took players behind the battles of the wars that defined the six films and allowed them to pick a side, fight for that side, and then battle against friends and rivals to see who could do it better. Then, the series was reborn when DICE took over the reigns and rebooted it all. Now, you’ll get to see the lessons learned since that reboot in Star Wars Battlefront II.
Why? Because now, with the release of new films, and the feedback from fans, you’ll now be able to play as characters and in battle from all three time periods that the Star Wars franchise. That’s right, the prequels, the original trilogy, and the new films are all here, along with everything that made them memorable in the first place.
However, fans demanded a story mode in this sequel, and that’s exactly what they’ll get. As you’ll see the rise of the First Order via the fall of the Empire. As special forces soldier called Iden Versio you’ll help lead the remnants of the Empire after Return of the Jedi and see how they stayed alive after the fall of Emperor Palpatine.
Add to all of that, the multiplayer mode has been grown and enhanced. New ways to play, new vehicles and weapons to control. Everything has been enhanced for the betterment of the game.
Land, sky, space, and more, these are the battles of Star Wars Battlefront II.

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