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Star Wars: The Old Republic took to the time period of the Knights of the Old Republic games, but allowed you to become your own character in the universe. Now, you didn’t have to be a Jedi, or a Sith, you could be a soldier, a trader, a smuggler, and much more. The universe was now truly open to you, and it was up to you to decide what you wanted to be, and the path you chose. However, the team at Bioware wanted to make sure that story was always an option, and so special DLC was made to ensure that. One of which was Knights of the Fallen Empire.
This fifth expansion of the game told a tale of fallen empires and kingdoms. As the Eternal Empire destroyed not only the Galactic Republic,, but also the Sith Empire. Now ruling with an iron fist, the only hope is through a character that has been frozen in Carbonite for five years. Through this character, you’ll carve a path to the Emperor himself. Where your choices will affect the story, and its outcome. You must be cautious, you must be wise, but above all else, you must be ready for what’s coming, for this is the not the world you knew.
Beyond the main story, Knights of the Fallen Empire also raises the level cap for characters, as well as offers all-new worlds for players to go to and explore. So, if you haven’t played The Old Republic in a long time, now is a great time to jump back in.

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