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The original Amazing Spider-Man game set a tone that deserved to be followed-up. Now, with the release of Amazing Spider-Man 2, it’s only natural that a game would follow it. But how do you top the original in every way? Simple, you make it bigger, make it better, and like the original, you go outside the confines of the movie to make yourself as unique as you possibly can be. And that’s exactly what it did.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 starts out alongside the movie, but it soon branches out into something even bigger. Spider-Man is on the hunt for a killer that is tearing up New York City both on the surface, and in the criminal underground. But this manhunt will become something much bigger, and much darker, and it’ll push Spider-man to the limit. You’ll once again hone your skills as Peter Parker as you take on villains both from the movie, and from comics lore. We’re talking Electro, Rhino, and more, all in the name of protecting the people of NYC.
But what’s a sequel without improvements? Amazing Spider-Man 2 gives you all new abilities for you to harness, but in the way you fight, and in the way you sling your webs around. Use epic combos to get the upperhand on foes, then stick it to them to ensure that you make it out on top.
Plus, New York City has never been more explorable, go from building to building, and find any danger that lurks behind every corner. You are Spider-Man, now go save the day.

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