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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has you playing as a very unique character, as you are one of the Dragonborn. In fact, you are the last of the Dragonborn, beings that can use the Dragon’s language in order to do special things. Throughout your journey, you learn to harness your powers, and even grow them, but your journey as a Dragonborn has never been complete. At least, not until now, for the Dragonborn DLC has come, and with it comes the final test for you.
This story-driven DLC will feature you being attacked by cultists. But why are they attacking you? Well, they serve a being called Miraak, who apparently was the very first Dragonborn. Upon defeating them, you’ll find yourself heading to the island of Solstheim, where Miraak apparently resides. It is here that things become a bit clearer, as the people of the island are actually enslaved to MIraak, forced to construct massive structures in his name. But to what end? That’s what you need to find out.
Dragonborn will put your natural skills to the test, as you must face off against many enemies, including more of Miraak’s followers, and even Miraak himself. If you succeed, not only will you be the true last Dragonborn, you’ll learn the final shouts that Skyrim has to offer you. Still not enough? Well, how about the ability to actually tame a dragon? Yep, this DLC will allow you to do just that.
So embrace this DLC, embrace what you are, and let the world hear your shout.

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